What is Vend-Trak?

Web-Based Vending Management Solution for Vendors

Track Locations, Services, Expenses and more online

Increase Your Profit by 30% by making you more efficient


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More Money - Quit losing up to 30% of your income due to inefficiency. Vend-Trak will make sure you get the right product in the right machines on time.


Freedom - By automating every aspect of Your Business, you will have more time to concentrate on growing instead of managing.


Waste Less Time - With integrated Google Maps, Inventory Reports and Printable Location Service Sheets you will always know where you're going and how much product to bring! Our route generator can save you 30% or more on gas.


No Worries - Our servers are backed up daily, and your data is 100% secure. You can use Vend-Trak on Any Computer, Any Time. Plus, all updates are 100% FREE.

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What others say...

Vend-Trak has enabled me to run my business so much more efficiently. I can't believe how much time I've saved servicing my route and how much more money I'm making by getting the product mix right! Rob - 100 Machines

...this application is the simplest one I have seen... Johnny – 423 Machines

Vend-Trak is a piece of cake to learn and everything you need for tracking is there...dynamite...this version is great! Gemstate – 51 Machines

After searching high and low for a Vending software database that would do all the things we needed...I chose Vend-Trak... Phil – 3000+ Machines

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